What you need to know about Pharmacy Benefit Manager Contract Language

Seneca Consulting Group is pleased to provide a complementary web presentation "Pharmacy Benefit Manager Contract Language and its impact on Discount Guarantees". This educational webinar focused on the effect of standard contract language and the impact of Average Wholesale Price discount guarantees.  To view the recording of this presentation, please feel free to click the link below.

 At Seneca Consulting Group, we believe that "you can't manage what you can't measure'. This belief is echoed throughout our approach to benefits consulting. We have pioneered a new process in benefits consulting that we call Audit-Based Consulting. Audit Based Consulting leverages technology to ensure compliance

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At Seneca Consulting Group, we are a company that provides unique solutions for our clients. We do not provide all common recommendations to all clients, but instead focus on delivering customized solutions for each individual client. We believe that by aligning Best in class business partners, we can provide a higher quality consulting product. We feel that in addition to our audit-based consulting approach; our true value is the high touch, close relationship that we establish with our clients. Service, and, actionable information are our core deliverables. With Seneca Consulting Group, and our business partners, your organization will benefit from having experienced benefits professionals dedicated to providing exceptional service and advice you can depond upon.